↑ yeah this is Finn Jones on a unicorn. Your argument is invalid.

↓ and that’s just me casually sitting on the Iron Throne.


This is not a spoiler free blog.

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with Matty from The 1975

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Ser Loras Tyrell and his majestic unicorn. Dedicated to Finn Jones and his love of unicorns <3 


it’s interesting to genuinely not know anymore re: what might happen on GoT. Bran’s storyline is caught up with book!Bran more or less. 

Apparently Finn Jones read the s5 finale and threw the script across the room.

I’m scared.


If you could have anything happen for Loras, what would you like to happen to your former love? (x)

Andy Samberg and Lena Headey on stage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

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…has anyone ever actually seen these two guys in the same room? 

Kidding aside, it’s pretty funny Sam Heughan auditioned seven times for Game of Thrones including for the role of Loras. But I think the Knight of Flowers needed Finn Jones’ delicate touch.